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Sony ACC-V1BP Verkkolaite/Laturi ja Akku

Sony Make sure your camcorder is always ready to shoot with the ACC-V1BP dual charger, AC adaptor and InfoLITHIUM® rechargeable battery kit.Sony s ACC-V1BP accessory kit includes the AC-VQV10 dual charger , AC adaptor and an NP-FV100 high capacity InfoLITHIUM® battery.This accessory kit offers real flexibility for professionals, giving longer battery life and faster re-charging than ever before. The AC-VQV10 can provide AC power to your camcorder or quickly charge two InfoLITHIUM batteries in sequence. It is fully compatible with InfoLITHIUM V, H & P series batteries. The NP-FV100 high capacity, long-lasting battery powers your camcorder longer than any other battery in the V-series, and has a 15% capacity increase over the NP-FH100. And because it s InfoLITHIUM you ll be able to see the remaining battery life displayed on your camcorder s screen.

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