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Tällä adapterilla voit kiinnittää NIKON objektiivit SONY EX3 kameraan The worlds first Nikon to EX3 adaptor.
Perfect for shooting extreme telephoto, this adaptor allows the use of the full range of Nikon and Nikon mounted lenses on the new Sony PMW-EX3 camera.
(Please note. Using this adaptor will introduce a magnification factor of 5.4X)
Why should I use a Nikon lens on my EX3?
For anyone filming wildlife, surveillance, super macro or just want extreme focal length in general, using a Nikon lens can prove the most cost effective way of achieving this.
Many people already have a selection of SLR lenses, but if not, these can be purchased second hand inexpensively.

How does it work? Because of the difference in format size between 35mm lenses and the Sony 1/2” CCD, the camera only sees the central portion of the len’s image. This resulting image gives an angle of view equivalent to 5.4X the len’s focal length. For example, a 200mm lens will give an angle of view of a 1080mm lens.

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