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Panasonic AW-PH360L Kääntöpää

Indoor Pan/Tilt Head The compact AW-PH360N provides flexible camera operation with a wide pan-tilt range and high-speed control. Its quiet, accurate pan-tilt motion and compact size is perfect for remote studio and event/sports shooting. Pan angle: 300 degrees; Tilt angle: 190 degrees
High performance: Quiet (Under NC30) Pan speed: (30 degrees/sec) / Tilt speed: (25 degrees/sec) Accuracy (+/- 3 minutes)(0.05 degrees)
Smooth starts and stops with soft landing function assures precise starts/stops
50 preset memories
Extremely accurate to .25 degrees
Maximum load: 8.8 lbs
Maximum control distance: Pan Tilt Head control 3,280 ft (from AW-RP655, AW-RP555)
RS232C interface
AW-HP360 requires AC adapter, AW-PS300A

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