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Panasonic AV-HS04M7D Output kortti

The AV-HS04M7D option card and software enables Stereoscopic 3D Production with the AV-HS450 Switcher. By simply adding the M7D output card and the included firmware upgrade to our HS450 switcher, you can create an instant mix of multiple 3D cameras and other sources, complete with incredible “6D” chroma keying, for less than a third of the cost of current systems. The upgraded system includes a full range of useful 3D functions—including a 3D Multiviewer, versatile 3D output capabilities, H and V shift, and other time-saving features. With the upgraded HS450N, simultaneous stereoscopic video transitions are enabled using crosspoint buttons. Cut, dissolve, wipe, and other effects become available as simultaneous transitions for use in sports recording, music videos, commercial production, event recording and other 3D projects. Vertical/horizontal reversing and position correction are possible for all 16 channels of HD-SDI standard inputs. Steroscopic Chroma Key compositing can be smoothly accomplished on location in real time with the embedded Primatte Chroma Key software. The upgraded switcher provides selectable 3D output modes, including Left, Right, Mix, Side-by-Side, and Line-by-Line. In addition the switcher can simulate 3D camera optical axis shift to facilitate fine adjustments.

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