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MATROX MXO videosovite MAC ille

The ideal output and monitoring device for 13” and 15” MacBook Pros and iMacs The patented Matrox MXO is a versatile output and monitoring device for the Mac. The special Matrox MXO-DVI method of using a DVI port (or Mini DisplayPort with an adapter) makes Matrox MXO the ideal companion for the latest generation of 13” and 15” MacBook Pros and iMacs. These systems are powerful enough for video editing with Final Cut Pro but lack the expandability to accommodate an I/O device without sacrificing the FireWire port you’d like to use for your storage interface. Matrox MXO gives you the frame-accurate, broadcast-quality HD/SD analog and SDI output you need for mastering native digital projects from XDCAM HD, P2 HD, DVCPRO HD, and HDV sources for example directly to tape or to a satellite encoder. In addition, it turns your Apple Cinema Display or other DVI monitor into a professional HD/SD video monitor using Matrox’s unique color calibration tools. Matrox MXO can also be switched into a genlockable scan converter with HD/SD analog and SDI output.

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