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Sony PDW-F1600 XDCAM Tallennin

Sony s top-of-the-line XDCAM HD422 Series is being embraced around the world for its file-based recording capability utilizing high-capacity and highly reliable Professional Disc media. Thanks to its newly developed MPEG HD422 codec, the XDCAM HD422 Series provides high-quality video and audio recording capabilities, with an image resolution of 1920 × 1080 and eight-channel 24-bit uncompressed audio.Now, Sony is proud to announce a new addition to the series – the PDW-F1600 deck. The PDW-F1600 offers multi-format recording flexibility as standard – including SD recording and a frame rate of 23.98P in 1080 mode.The foundation of the PDW-F1600 deck incorporates the features of the PDW-HD1500, and acts as more than just a file-based recording deck. With its insert, assemble editing capability, it can be used as a recorder in a linear editing system – just like a conventional VTR.

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