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BOXX Meridian Broadcast Receiver Acc Pac

For a completely functioning Meridian Broadcast receiver system order the Meridian Broadcast Receiver Accessory Package, which is specifically tailored to a Meridian Broadcast Receiver and includes the basic accessories necessary to get the system operational.
Please note, without an accessories package, a Meridian Broadcast system will not function properly.
Price includes the following items:
4 x ANT205: 13dBi 5GHz patch 50 degree N-type antenna.
3 x ANT2020: 19dBi 5GHz 20 degress N-type antenna.
1 x ANT106: 5.5dB 5GHz RP-TNC rubber duckie antenna. 30cm
5 x ADP108: N-type to N-type right angle male to female.
5 x ADP106: N-male to N-male barrel right angle.
1 x ADP107: Male RP-TNC to Male N-type adaptor.
1 x PS1205: 90-264Vac 50/60Hz – 12V DC 5Amp Power Supply
1 x CMP001: Super Clamp
1 x CMP003: Angle Tilt Bracket

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