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Sony HVR-Z5E HDV Kamera

Sony The HVR-Z5E is designed to enhance creativity and deliver the highest standard of optical and audio quality.Sony s newly designed G Lens™ is incorporated into the camcorder, boasting excellent resolution, colour and contrast, for breathtaking images.3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor ™ system utilising the technology of Exmor™ provides excellent low-light sensitivity. This compact camcorder is ideal when high performance in available light conditions is a requirement. The ergonomically designed body allows flexible shooting under any conditions, while maintaining Sony s worldwide reputation for quality and high performance.The HVR-Z5E s standard features include 1080, 25p HDV native progressive recording modes.Sony s cutting-edge HYBRID recording system offers use of an optional HVR-DR60 or HVR-MRC1K. This allows simultaneous recording of HDV and, or standard DV, DVCAM to dual media for improved NLE and archive workflow efficiency.

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